Springtime Holidays: Specialty Coffee, Animal Crackers, Earth, and Jelly Beans

Logical Machines hopes that everyone had an enjoyable weekend, what with the confluence of Springtime holidays that occur this time of year. Winter is waning and Spring greenery and flowers are emerging, along with more consistently blue skies, here in Vermont. Perfect for celebrating Earth Day.

The speed at which we and the Earth whirl around the Sun is a combination of rotations. We rotate + we orbit the Sun. How fast are we spinning? At the equator, the Earth spins at 1,097mph (1,670 kph) and at approximately 733 mph (1,180 kph) here in Vermont (approx. 45 degree from the equator). How fast does the Earth orbit the Sun? Our orbital speed is about 67,000 mph (107,000 kph). So even when you’re sitting still, here on Earth, you’re actually moving at quite a high rate of speed.

How does this relate back to Logical Machines and you? Gravity.

Since 1994, Logical Machines, a small business, has provided solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and their weigh+fill packaging needs. For 25 years and counting, Logical Machines continues to hand-assemble fast, accurate, reliable, high-quality affordable, weigh+fill scale systems for SMBs.

Logical Machines has mastered leveraging Gravity + Vibration + Logic. We offer a balance of simple yet sophisticated machines that can easily be integrated into larger packaging systems. We’re Vermont-based with a global reach. And, 25 years later, we have customers on five continents; we speak four languages (English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese); and with a wide range of products tested since 1994, we also speak a variety of “product languages”.

Tell us your SMB packaging problems and we likely have a solution for you. It’s only logical.

Gravity + Vibration + Logic: Specialty Coffee Expo 2019 in Boston

Jairo Blanco, our International Sales Manager / Gerente de Ventas Internacionales, made a special trip to the Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston over the weekend of 12-14 April 2019. The SCE 2019 show attracted a record-breaking ~14,000 attendees and exhibitors, all of whom descended upon “BAH-stin” to see and taste the latest and greatest in the coffee business.

Señor Blanco efficiently made the rounds, meeting new folks from around the world and visiting with some Logical Machines customers and advocates from Central America. We’ve created a short slideshow to display the comradery of the coffee industry. Considering that we offer “The Perfect Roasted Coffee FIlling Machine” / “La Báscula Envasadora Perfecta para los Tostadores de Café”, Jairo was very happy to make even more coffee / café connections.

Logical Q & A: April

Q: “What are the origins of April?
A: Aрrіl іѕ thе fourth month оf thе year іn thе Grеgоrіаn саlеndаr and іtѕ рrеdесеѕѕоr, the Julіаn саlеndаr. Itѕ nаmе is derived from thе Latin wоrd aperit, which means tо ореn. It іѕ соnѕіdеrеd thаt Aрrіl іѕ thе month оf the growing season and whеn trееѕ аnd flowers bеgіn tо “ореn”.

National [fill-in-the-blank] Day: Animal Crackers, Earth, Jelly Beans

Logical Flow Videos:

Video of 8 oz. of Animal Crackers
Video of Earth being weighed -- Well, not THE Earth, but a YouTube playlist of Agricultural Products for the Earth
Weigh+fill videos of a variety of Candies

Logical Quotable - in honor of Earth Day 2019:

  • We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.
    Native American Proverb