The Logical Controller II: The brain that makes it easy! 


We've developed the Logical Controller II to provide accurate weight measuring for a wide variety of free flowing materials. With our proprietary software and state-of-the-art micro processor technology, the Controller is the "brain" of our highly adaptable and cost-efficient scales. 

  • The controller is accurate down to .001 lbs, or 1 gram, and it can handle weights up to 75 lbs.
  • The controller can set itself up and automatically learn the characteristics of your product for maximum speed and accuracy. 
  • Speed and accuracy are maintained during every fill cycle by the Controller's ability to self-adjust on-the-fly.
  • The Controller is a modular, plug-and-play system. In the unlikely event that you should have a problem with your Controller, the solution is only one overnight shipment away. 
  • Quick Calibration: Just two steps to perfect calibration: Enter Tare Mode, place known weight on scale, enter the known weight on the controller, and the controller is calibrated to the scale. 
  • Menu Based Display: The controller has a menu driven setup system so the steps involved in inputting job parameters is clear and intuitive. 
  • Home Key: When programming the controller, if you make any type of input error, simply hit the "Home" key and you can easily start over. 
  • Store Up to 99 Jobs: If you're constantly going back and forth from job to job, the controller will store up to 99 different jobs, so switching jobs is simple. 
  • All Job Parameters are Saved: In "Auto" mode the controller will store all job variables even when the machine is off. No need to reprogram from job run to job run. 
  • Plug And Play: Just plug this controller in and in seconds it is ready to program to your specific job. 
  • LED Readout Indicates Accuracy of Weight: Provides a visual indicator of the accuracy of the weigh-fill. Green means the weight is within the tolerance you've programmed. Red LED means the weigh-fill is off weight. 
  • Auto Dumping Feature: Set the controller to "Auto Dump" and when the right weight is reached, the machine will dump the material without you having to trip the foot switch. 
  • Reporting Feature: After 5 machine cycles, press 9 and the readout will show the final weights and cycle time for those 5 cycles. This gives you a visual readout of the accuracy of the machine setup. 
The Logical Controller II


Just 3 simple steps to set up your Logical Scale

Our exclusive SMART Mode Controller gets you filling product in a matter of minutes!

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