Customer Support





1. Support Information: 

Logical Machines is dedicated to its customers and endeavors to provide the best Customer Support possible. At this time, please contact Logical Machines directly for any technical issues.

2. Owner's Manuals: 

You can dowload PDF versions of our Owner's Manuals here:
S-4 Weigh Fill System Manual
S-5 Bulk Filler System Manual
S-6 Cascading Scale System Manual
S-7 Dual Lane Scale System
Service Instructions for the Vibrating Feeder

3. To Place an Order or Get Answers:

Contact Lee Minkler via email or by calling (802) 425-2888

4. To Order Parts:

Please complete this form to order parts for your Logical Machines scale system.

5. For Service and Technical Support: 

Call us at (802) 425-5360

Repair Request Form: Prior to returning any goods to Logical Machine, you must complete a Repair Request Form. You can either fill out our Online Repair Request Form, or you can download our Repair Request Form PDF  to print and include with your return.

Service Instructions for the Vibrating Feeder: Download the Service Instructions for the Vibrating Feeder on your S-4 (PDF document)

6. Technical Support Videos

We have a selection of Technical Support videos on our YouTube channel. Click here to go to our Tech Support channel, or select a video below to view it.

7. Warranty Information: 

Warranty Document: Please download this Warranty Document (PDF document) for details regarding Logical Machines' one-year limited warranty.

8. Product Testing Program:

Do you have a tricky product (sticky, thick, chunky?) that you'd like to see flowing through one of our machines? Please visit our Product Testing Page to learn about our Product Testing Program that we offer to our customers at no extra charge!