The Perfect Filling Machine for Granola Producers


The Model S-4 Automatic Scale System
(depending upon how much granola you're filling per bag)

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We understand the needs of granola producers and have created The Perfect Granola Filling Machine.

As a granola producer, you're looking for a filling machine that provides a simple, hassle-free solution to your filling needs. Your perfect filling machine would feature the following things:

  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Is easy to set up, maintain, and operate
  • Allows you to start filling granola quickly without a lot of fiddling with controls and settings
  • Has proven user-friendly design and trouble-free reliability
  • Is made in the USA

The Logical Machines S-4 Automatic Scale System is that
Perfect Granola Filling Machine.

We offer the Perfect Granola Filling Machine in two heights and two fill capacities depending on your needs:


Model S-4 Automatic Scale System
with Floor Stand

For filling up to ~2.5 lbs. of granola: $7,840
For filling up to ~8 lbs. of granola: $8,155

2-Week Lead Time


Model S-4 Automatic Scale System
with Table Stand
(table not included)

For filling up to ~2.5 lbs. of granola: $7,840
For filling up to ~8 lbs. of granola: $8,155

2-Week Lead Time

The Logical Controller II

The Logical Controller II

Our exclusive SMART Mode makes filling granola easy!

Smart Mode allows the Logical Controller II to learn how your free-flowing granola flows and automatically adjust its parameters on-the-fly to maximize accuracy and speed. In a matter of minutes, your Granola Filler will be filling bags with no need for you to adjust, tweak, or fiddle with a single control setting.

Setting up your Granola Filler is a snap: once you've unpacked and prepared your Granola Filler according to the provided instructions, just follow these 3 simple steps to start filling granola:

1) Turn on the Logical Controller II (The switch is on the bottom of the Controller.)

2) Fill the Supply Hopper at least half-full with your free-flowing granola. (Don’t forget to put one of your containers under the spout!)

3) Press the footswitch to start filling your granola.

That's it! The Controller will continue to refine its accuracy and speed on-the-fly as it fills.

Sample Videos

The Model S-4 Table Top Granola  Filler filling 12oz granola.

The Model S-4 Table Top Granola Filler with optional dribble-feed gate filling 16oz granola.

Features & Specifications

Standard Features Include:

  • Self-adjusting SMART Mode Logical Controller II
  • Accurate to 1g or 0.001lbs; Dispenses to 2g or 0.002lbs
  • Controller range up to 10lbs.
  • Supply Hopper capacity 3.5 cu.ft. (equivalent to 5 five-gallon pails)
  • Includes Standard chassis:
    • Powder Coated
    • Footprint 4.6 sq.ft.,
    • 67" high floor model, 41.5"" high table-top
    • 4 locking casters
  • All product contact surfaces 304 stainless steel
  • 120V 60Hz (240V 50Hz option)
  • Can be used with all bags and rigid containers
  • Automatic tare adjustment
  • On-the-fly, self-adjusting bulk & dribble speed control
  • Up to 800 fills/hour