Logical Machines Product Testing Program

At Logical Machines we offer product flow testing at no extra charge  as a service to our customers and potential customers, to make sure that your product will work well with the machine we select for you.

Product Flow Evaluation and Testing:

The first step in selecting a Scale System that fits your needs is to determine if your particular product needs to be scheduled for testing at our facility. Based on our experience of testing products for customers over the past 20 years, we have identified a number of products that are “Free of Testing” and are fully compatible with our systems. If your product is not included in this list (below) you may submit your product for testing.

Product Flow Testing Sample Videos:

To review our Product Flow Testing Procedure and view a product flow video, please visit our website under Sample Videos.

For a more extensive list of product flow videos of each of the products listed below please visit our YouTube channel.

Submitting Your Product for Testing:

If your product is not listed under the Free of Testing product list below, or if you have a tricky product (sticky, thick, chunky?) that you’d like to have flow-tested in one of our Scales, you must first submit Product Sample Submission Request Form (PSSR) and receive an Authorization Number from us.

NOTE: Every product submitted for testing requires a separate application.

Once you have received an Authorization Number, follow these steps to ship us a sample of your product for testing:

  1. Package an adequate quantity of your product along with all containers that you want us to test with. (5 gallon pail for best results)
  2. Provide along with your product:
    • Product make up (i.e. powder, granular, chunky like pasta, strips, etc.)
    • Number of containers/boxes to be shipped
    • Product quantity per container (lbs/Kg)
    • Projected Shipment date
  3. Please include the printed copy of your PSSR form in your package so we know where it's coming from, and make sure to include your approval number.

Send your product sample to:

Logical Machines
1158 Roscoe Rd.
Charlotte, VT 05445

Please include your PSSR Approval Number on the outside of the package.

(Please note that we will not run hazardous and/or toxic products. 80%-90% of Logical Machines' customers are food producers. Therefore, we avoid the testing of non-food products that are hazardous and/or toxic.)


Products Free of Testing:

Below is a list of products/weights that we have determined Free of Testing, and the Scales System that we would recommend for that particular product .

ProductsWeight/BagMachine Model
Almonds, Cinnamon Coated6ozS-4
Aluminum Parts1.58lbS-6
Beads, Glass25lbsS-5
Beans, Lentil2lbsS-4
Bolts, Carriage4.56lbsS-6
Candy, Bottle Caps100 countS-4
Candy, Jolly Rancher300 countS-6
Candy, Lindt Chocolate120 countS-6 w/ Modifications
Candy, Pay Day75 countS-6 w/ Modifications
Candy, Spaceship4ozS-6
Capsules, Gelatin1,000 countS-4
Cellulose Chips.9KgS-4
Cheese, powder1lbS-4
Chips, Banana4ozS-4
Chips, Green Bean120grS-6
Chips, Onion110grS-6
Chips, Vegetable170grS-6
Chocolate, Colored8ozS-4
Chocolate, Colored4ozS-4
Chocolate, Wrapped4ozS-6
Coffee, Ground1.75ozS-4
Coffee, Ground2ozS-4
Coffee, Ground1lbS-4
Coffee, Whole Bean1lbS-4
Corn Hole Bags1lbS-4
Crackers, Cheese Crisps1.75ozS-6
Crackers, Oyster245grS-4
Cumin, Ground w/ oil16ozS-4
Cumin, Ground4ozS-4
Deer Feed Minerals4lbsS-4
Deer Feed Pellets4lbsS-5
Deer Feed Pellets25lbsS-5
Detergent, Dishwasher Pods24 countS-4
Detergent, Powdered2lbsS-4
Dog Treat5ozS-4
Dog Treat4ozS-4
Dog Treat8ozS-4
Dog Treat, Round9ozS-6
Dog Treats14ozS-4
Dog Treats8ozS-6
Dog Treats4ozS-4
Dog Treats1lbS-4
Dog Treats, Chewy1lbS-4
Dog Treats, Cookies4ozS-6
Dog Treats, Hard4ozS-6
Dowel Pins1,000grS-4
Ferrules50 countS-6
Flakes, Edible3ozS-4
Flour, Almond1lbS-4
Glass, Coarse Ground1lbS-4
Glass, Powdered5ozS-4
Grain, Rye4lbsS-4
Granola, Chunky9ozS-6
Gummy Bears8ozS-6
Jerky, Chicken3.2ozS-6
Malted Milk Balls6ozS-6
Meatballs, Frozen2.2lbsS-4
Mortar, Dry5.5lbsS-4
Nuts, Mixed1ozS-4
Nuts, Mixed2.5ozS-4
Pasta, Bowtie14ozS-4
Pasta, Fusilli1lbS-4
Pasta, Pastine14ozS-4
Pasta, Penne14ozS-4
Pasta, Quadrettini14ozS-4
Pecans, Coated8ozS-4
Pecans, Coated16ozS-4
Pellet, Cooling System Treatment.135lbsS-4
Popcorn, Kernels6lbsS-4
Popcorn, Kernels2lbsS-4
Popcorn, Kettle Corn12ozS-4
Popcorn, Popped4ozS-4
Powder, BSA250grS-4
Powder, BSA1KgS-4
Powder, Ceramic2lbsS-4
Powder, Colostrum400grS-4
Powder, Whey Protein450grS-5
Powder, ZirconiaS-4
Rare Earth2lbsS-5
Rice Puffs8ozS-4
Rub, Cajun3.5ozS-4
Salt Mixture2lbsS-4
Salt, Bath12ozS-5
Salt, Mixed1 ozS-4
Salt, Mixed3.8 ozS-4
Salt, Rock15lbS-4
Salt, Seasoning13.5ozS-4
Seasonings, Shortening Based3ozS-4
Soap Nuts5lbsS-4
Soap Nuts6.5ozS-4
Strawberries, Frozen30lbS-5
Sugar, Granulated5lbsS-4
Sugar, Granulated2lbsS-4
Trail Mix4ozS-4
Vials, Plastic1,000 countS-6
Wax Chips1KgS-6
Wood Chips1lbS-4
Wood Chips6ozS-4
Worm Castings15.3lbsS-5
Worm Castings5.1lbsS-5