Once More Around the Sun – 25 Years of Scaling Up

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2019.

We’ve just gone around the Sun one more time. The Sun's gravity holds Earth in orbit around it, keeping us at a comfortable distance to enjoy the Sun's light and warmth. The Earth’s own gravity holds down our atmosphere and the air we need to breathe. Gravity is what holds our world together. If you hadn’t yet noticed, gravity rules...over everything in our lives.

We’ve, subsequently, learned to leverage gravity. And that leads us to a brief history of Logical Machines scale systems. Let’s start at the beginning...

In 1994, Logical Machines was founded, like many successful small businesses, based on correctly identifying and filling a need in the marketplace. The need? A belief that small business owners want (and need) to rapidly and accurately weigh+fill their products into bags, pouches, and other containers. The fulfillment of these needs leads to growth.

   Early S-3 model

The result of the initial idea was to manufacture affordable, hand-assembled (sans power tools), durable, reliable machines and to provide top customer service from our facility in Vermont. Logical Machines were, and remain, very popular with specialty coffee roasters (and our users say so) and are used by a wide variety of small businesses that need to weigh+fill dry perishable and non-perishable products into bags, pouches, boxes, and other containers.

At the core of the entire product line is the Logical Controller II. It’s the LCII brains in all of our scale systems which allows one to automatically, or semi-automatically, leverage gravity and vibration to control the flow of product through the scale system and into the desired containers.

All of our scale systems include the SMART mode, for automatic weigh+fill of your dry products as well as the ROAD (Remote Operation Analysis and Diagnostics) system software. It’s all built-in, ready to use. And the Logical Controller II brain is built to work with a variety of integrations in the weighing and filling process, such as augers, conveyors, and bag sealers -- available via the Logical Machines network of expert integrators.

The current flagship weigh+fill scale system is the S-4 model. It, and its sister, S-4 Tabletop variation, has come to be known as “The perfect coffee filling machine” + “The perfect popcorn filling machine”. Over the years, the line has grown to include the S-5 Bulk scale system (for higher weight packaging) -- the S-6 Cascading scale system (for irregularly-shaped products) -- and the S-7 Dual-lane scale system (think of it as two S-4s combined). Once you determine which model is right for you, visit our Quote Generator to customize a Logical Machine and get an instant quote.

                 S-4                                  S-5                                     S-6                             S-7

The Current Line-up of Logical Machines with LCII brains

Celebrating 25 years and counting, Logical Machines proudly continues to focus on small business owners. We manufacture and sell machines to a wide variety of companies in North America and Internationally looking to speed up their product packing process.

No more hand-scooping + Faster, accurate filling = Scaling up your small business

We believe that small businesses are the life-blood of Vermont, the United States, the World. We appreciate the gravitas of each and every small business owner’s situation and realize that successful businesses can have sustainable positive economic effects for their workers and vendors and their surrounding communities. That’s why we do what we do. It’s only logical.

Moving forward, during our next gravitational trip around the Sun, we’ll cover a variety of interesting and useful topics across multiple industries, filling you in along the way...