Distributor Support





1. Logical Machines Distributor Support Program: 

Logical Machines values its relationships with its distributors. Through our Distributor Support Program we seek a mutually beneficial partnership that will help you, the distributor, make more sales.

2. Benefits of our Program include: 

  • Website: Our website is designed to support our distributors so that you will have the tools you need to answer any questions your clients may have. 
  • Client Registration: All leads that you generate will remain yours. Our customer database and accounting systems are fully integrated to ensure that you will get full credit for the customers you bring to Logical Machines. Those customers will always remain linked to you, and you will get credit for any future sales. 
  • Shipping: Logical Machines will drop-ship machines to your clients at no extra charge. 
  • Field Support not Required: We ship all machines with full setup and operational instructions. Logical Machines also handles all warranty and service issues. 

We offer two levels of involvement for distributors: Sales Representative and Full Distributor:

  • Full Distributors: receive 20% of list price only after registering the client with Logical Machines; Distributor collects payments directly from client: 50% when the order is placed and balance prepaid by customer. As a Full Distributor, the distributor gets paid up front.
  • Sales Representatives: receive 10% of list price; Representative receives payment from Logical Machines after sale is complete.

3. Sales Lead Registration: 

Distributors must use our online Sales Lead Registration page to register clients with Logical Machines. Registering your clients is the first and most important step towards taking advantage of our Distributor Support Program. If you are not currently an active Distributor, please contact Lee Minkler at Logical Machines to sign up.

4. Distributor Resource Page