Meet the Logical Machines S-5: For Bulk Filling

Meet the Logical Machines Model S-5 the Logical Solution for Bulk Filling Needs

The unique option for your family start-up operation.

Discover the game-changing solution for your bulk weighing and filling needs with the Logical Machines Model S-5 Bulk Scale System. Perfect for small and medium-sized companies, the Logical Machines Model S-5 combines affordability, durability, and reliability to streamline your bulk processing operations. 

We understand the challenges of transitioning from manual to automated weighing and filling, and that’s why Logical Machines is dedicated to providing a cost-effective and efficient solution tailored to your needs. 

Say goodbye to the complexities and high costs associated with other systems in the market.

The Logical Machines Model S-5 stands out with its user-friendly features, including automatic tare, feed controls, and an adjustable slide Scale Table and Supply Hopper Gate for precise product discharge and flow.  Ideal for processing bulk nuts, pet foods, seeds, grains, rice, sugar, salts, beans, lentils and so much more.

Watch the Logical Machines Model S-5 bulk system in action showcasing its versatility in handling bulk quantities of up to 75lb. Watch Here!

Anatomy of the Model S-5 Bulk Scale System


  • Overall height: 5'8" (68"), occupies only 24" x 30" of floor space
  • Supply Hopper capacity: 3.5 cu.ft. (equivalent to 5 five-gallon pails)
  • Discharge Funnel
  • Table Size: 16" wide x 18" deep.
  • Scale Table - Table height adjustable to accommodate containers from 3" to 36" high.
  • Scale Total Weight: 140lbs.
  • Power Requirement: 2 Amps, 110 Volts 60Hz AC
  • Air Requirements (only if Dribble Feed Gate is installed): <0.25 cfm air supply at 30psi
  • One year limited warranty

**The Model S-5 also has accessory options that facilitate the use with more difficult products.**


  • Bulk filling for weights of up to 75lbs.
  • Self-adjusting controller
  • Controller Reads out to 0.10 gram or .001 lbs.
  • Scale range from 1 gram up to 75 lbs.,
  • Supply Hopper capacity 3.5cu.ft. hopper (equivalent to 5 five-gallon pails)
  • Includes Standard Chassis:
    • Powder Coated
    • Footprint 4.6 sq.ft., 67" high
    • 4 locking casters
    • Adjustable Table with a 23” range of height
  • All product contact surfaces are 304 stainless steel
  • 120V 60Hz (240V 50Hz option)
  • Handles all dry bulk products from powders to large parts
  • Can be used with all bags or rigid containers
  • Automatic tare adjustment
  • On-the-fly, self-adjusting bulk & dribble speed control
  • Up to 400 fills/hour

The Logical Machines Model S-5 is manufactured and assembled by hand to specifications based on product and target weight requirements at the Logical Machines shop located in Charlotte, Vermont.

The Model S-5 is mounted to a pallet and crated in a cardboard box for shipping.

Jairo Blanco, our Sales Manager, is ready to assist you. Contact him at the provided details, and revolutionize your bulk processing with the Model S-5 Bulk Scale System.

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