April Fools’ Day: Origins of Fools’ Day + National Flying Penguin Day

Logical Machines are based on the concepts of Gravity + Vibration + Logic, with the ultimate goal being that your products fly through our weigh+fill scale systems and then stop accurately and reliably at the prescribed weight.

So it was especially amazing to see video proof that there's a rare breed of Flying Penguins in nature -- as seen in this BBC Nature Documentary.

Who knew that these normally Earth-bound, waddling, flightless birds could do the impossible and defy gravity?! It just doesn’t seem logical...and that’s because it’s not true…;-)

Gravity + Vibration + Logic:

Sustainability / Upcycling -- It’s No Joke (this one’s true)

Social media users across the world are going bananas for a supermarket’s eco-friendly replacement for plastic packaging. Rather than wrapping all of their produce in plastic, a branch of the Rimping Supermarket in Chiangmai, Thailand has started bundling all of their fruits and vegetables in banana leaves and flexible bamboo.

While this technique is commonly used by produce vendors in tropical locations, it is rarely seen on the shelves of international supermarkets. “...if it means just one less plastic bag littering the landscapes, fouling the waterways and choking the storm drains in this fair [country] of ours, then we reckon it was well worth us posting!

Logical Q & A:

Q: “What are the origins of April Fools Day?
A: There are several theories about the origin on the April Fool's Day custom. One explanation focuses on the introduction of the Julian and the Gregorian calendar.

From ancient times, people in some parts of Europe celebrated the New Year on or around the March Equinox. However, the new calendar systems defined January 1 as the first day of the year.

People who forgot about the change or observed the old rules for other reasons became victims of various jokes. For example, pranksters would discreetly stick paper fish to their backs. In France, the victims of this prank were called Poisson d'Avril, or April Fish.

Factoids: Gravity + Vibration + Logic

Since our business revolves around the three basic principles of gravity, vibration, and logic, We thought it might be appropriate to list some basics about the aforementioned:

  • Gravity correlates to weight...weight relates to mass and density...each of our customer’s products has specific parameters and targets as it relates to the amount of their products in their containers
  • Vibration correlates to movement...movement relates to speed and flow...certain products move very easily through our machines, some less so...but we work to determine optimal solutions
  • Logic correlates to control...control relates to accuracy and dependability...and that’s the ultimate goal: Making sure that each and every Logical Machines customer has a scale system that’s configured specially for their needs

The basic principles of Logical Machines are science- and logic-based. That’s why our Vermont-made, hand-assembled, weigh+fill scale systems provide our customers with many years of reliable service.

National [fill-in-the-blank] Day:

And, for the duration of April, it’s National Pecan Month. Nutty...

Logical Flow Videos:

That’s just nuts!” Actually, Logical Machines’ YouTube channel shows Nuts, Beans, Grains, and Legumes

Logical Quote of the Week:

  • "This is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other three hundred and sixty-four." -- Mark Twain