The Logical Machines ROAD System


The Model S-4 with the ROAD System (Windows device and bracket not included).

Introducing the Logical Machines ROAD System

It takes just 2 easy steps to start reaping the benefits of the ROAD System:

1) Download our software
2) Connect your PC with the provided USB cable

That's it!

***Requires Windows device (not included)

Responding to our customers’ requests to be able to collect and analyze their fill data, we are introducing our new ROAD System package. The ROAD System not only allows you to analyze your fill data, it also offers a suite of other useful features, and it makes the renowned ease of operating the Logical Controller II that much simpler!

ROAD stands for:

• Remote Operation
• Analysis
• Diagnostics 

To use the ROAD system, you will first need to download our proprietary software from our website. Once you’ve installed the software on your Windows PC, you can access all the features of the ROAD system simply by connecting your Logical Controller II to your PC via a provided USB cable.

We feel that the ROAD Software system will be a great benefit for our customers. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (802) 425-2888.

Watch our ROAD System Introductory Video

ROAD features


Remote Operation: 

  • You can remotely control your Logical Controller II from any place on the planet where you have internet access, or from your office down the hall. You can adjust all fill parameters directly on your PC screen. These include setting your target weight, bulk cutoff weight, dribble cutoff weight, dribble motor speed, and other parameters. You can also store and manage your fill jobs on screen. (A)(B)


  • The ROAD System allows you to record and export the fill data from your Logical Controller II into whatever format you choose including spreadsheets and other accounting platforms. You can then manage your data to better analyse how your scale is performing. (C)
  • In addition to data analysis, you can also visualize how your scale is working in real-time. Watch as the
    real-time graphing abilities of the ROAD System shows each fill in progress. View a single fill or overlay multiple fills to visualize the scale’s efficiency. (D) You can also view your ongoing fills in tabular form. (E)


  • Using the ROAD System and GoToAssist, our technical support team can remotely control your Logical Machine. By changing settings and running cycles, we can see first hand what’s going on and offer a potential solution. It is like having tech support in your shop! (ROAD technical support is related to controller related issues only.)

Remote Control Integration:

  • With the ROAD System, we can design a wide variety of custom applications to integrate and control other hardware including loaders, baggers, and sealers.

View our ROAD System Videos

ROAD System Installation Video

ROAD System Familiarization Video

ROAD System User Video