Introducing our new Quote Generator!

We’ve just released our new Quote Generator into the wild! Our previous version had only the S-4 Semi-Automatic Scale System. Now you can select from our entire line of Scales including the S-4 Semi-Automatic Scale System, the S-5 Bulk Scale System, the S-6 Cascading Scale System, and the S-7 Dual Lane Scale System.
With our Quote Generator you can:
• Select the right Scale System that fits your filling needs.
• Customize it with the weigh hopper, discharge funnel, and spouts that will work for you.
• Choose from our selection of optional accessories such as heavy duty vibrators, bagging machine interfaces, or dribble feed gates.
When you’re finished customizing you scale, you’ll have an instant quote ready to go!
To check out the new Quote Generator, just click here
Of course, if you have any questions we’d love to talk with you directly. Just give us a call at (802) 425-2888 to discuss your filling needs. We’d be happy to step you through the process and guide you to finding the Scale System that’s right for your small business!